Bello Giganti

Bello Giganti

beautiful giants.

Bello Giganti is our debut series of ultra large format porcelain slabs, available in the largest size on the ceramic tile market – 3200x1600mm. From benchtops to exterior cladding, residential to commercial, interior to exterior applications, Bello Giganti’s extraordinary size allows for flexible design solutions even in technical applications.

This innovative range of large and ultra large formats is the result of careful design to ensure ease of use, durability, and performance. The reduced thickness of 6mm results in a light weight product allowing for easy handling and installation.

With four separate ranges in the Bello Giganti series, we offer the right look for every application.

Regent – basalt and calcite inspirations for striking effect

Marmi – offers great slabs in the classic stones recognised worldwide

Agate – inspired by the prestigious onyx of ancient Rome.

Tempo – featuring two modern themes, District & Skyline. Plus Absolute black & white.

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