Slip Resistance

Standards Australia Slip Resistance Handbooks

Standards Australia publish two slip resistance handbooks:- HB197:1999     An Introductory Guide to the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surfaces HB 198:2014    Guide to the Specification and Testing of  Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surfaces In the years following the publication of HB197, many designers and operators took the view that this was an optional guideline (not a […]

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Introduction – Which Test Should I Use ?

There are a number of different test methods recognised by the Australian Standard for slip resistance 4586:2013.  The most recognised is probably the ramp test with its R ratings  results  –  R9, R10 etc. Metz recommend the Wet Pendulum Test as broadly being the most effective method, due mainly to the high likelihood of this […]

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Wet Pendulum Test

The pendulum test apparatus measures  friction (CoF) and provides results as BPN (british pendulum number). The pendulum test is portable and therefore is frequently used on site as well as in laboratory conditions. It is one of the approved test methods under the Australian Standards AS4586 :2013  & AS4663:2013 The test has a number of […]

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Wet Barefoot Ramp Test

Wet barefoot ramp slip resistance testing is used for applications where it is expected that the majority of users will be in bare feet.  This test is carried out on the same ramp apparatus as the oil ramp test except the test panel has a stream of water (no oil) and with the test operator […]

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Tortus – Dry Floor Friction Test

The Tortus test is conducted with a simple mechanical apparatus that measures the coefficient of friction (CoF) created between the tile and the device. The tortus test is conducted on clean dry surfaces only and results are classified as either D1  (if friction was > 0.4 Cof) or a D0  (if friction was > 0.4 […]

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Oil/Wet Ramp Test

The Oil-wet Ramp Test (commonly referred to as just the “Ramp test”) provides scores that are widely recognised by most designers from their R – rating results  R9, R10 etc.  The mechanism of achieving these results however is often poorly understood, as are the limitations of this test method.  There are very significant limitations to […]

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