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Refurbishment process is fast and simple all from the exterior. Metz Presto framework is mounted direct to existing structural surfaces. Modernisation of the building together with the ventilated façade benefits.

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Protection from the elements
A Metz Presto facade protects your building in multiple ways.

  • Reflecting light and heat
  • Protection from water with overlapping panels
  • Creating a chimney effect – drying humidity, moisture and condensation


Environmentally Friendly

Includes Active Plus photo-catalytic treatment for self-cleaning of organic soils by rainwater.




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Why Tiles?
Since ancient times fire and earth have been combined to form durable building elements.  Some of these have survived thousands of years.

  • Oxidised metals that don’t rust
  • Timbers that won’t burn or rot and no Termites
  • No sealing, painting or maintenance

The enduring nature of tiles and digital technology advances enables the use of tiles with the appearance of rare, expensive and unsuitable materials that replicate…

Stone look tiles with all the character and none of the flaws.

Timber look tiles that won’t rot, shrink, change colour, be eaten by termites or burn…

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Metz Presto has fixing systems for both standard horizontal as well as vertical orientation. Most provide for secret fixing and individual panel removal.

Metz Presto façade system is based on strength.

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Huge choice of styles and colours. Custom designs and pieces are possible.

Additional pieces are available to change appearance and customise with murals, seasonal themes and corporate promotions etc.

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Metz Presto panels are standard in 1200 x 300 x 17mm. Other formats are possible in lengths up to 3m and heights up to 1m.

Panel Formats
Standard XB


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The gap between the facade layer and the building wall behind, is subject to an ongoing flow of air created by natural convection. This naturally occurring “free” airflow provides multiple benefits

  • Thermal insulation – realising savings on HVAC energy costs
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Reduction of water ingress – (rain-screen)
  • Drying effects of moving air – prevents damage from being constantly wet
  • Reduced variation of building temperatures – less stress from thermal movement


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Metz Presto Facade system is a re-engineering of an old idea, encompassing improvements of modern extruded tile production.

Presto Facades offer extruded production ceramic panels that can provide enormous variety in colours, styles and shapes.

Modern digital techniques which can authentically replicate just about any material and provide benefits of ‘better than the original’.

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