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Metz Core is a series created by the renowned Italian Fashion Designer Daniela Dallavalle. The series features fabric effects in woven materials, in colours each with special influence on Daniela’s designs. The range includes a graphic series with abstract designs and three-dimensional relief utilizing some of her favourite laces and fabrics.

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Core square
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Cromie circle


Metz Cromie range is a collection of 18 precise colour selections produced to standardized hues defined on the NCS colour scale. Cromie’s subtle themes are designed to compliment rather than compete with other design elements. There are 3 main series in the Cromie range - Polvere and Fango. Each series offers 9 variants, a light, medium and dark shade in each of cool, neutral and warm hues. Metz Cromie is the choice for those who are serious about colour.

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Metz Echelon is the latest expression of industrial chic. It is inspired by the classic artistic technique of layering to achieve colour, form and texture.

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Echelon triangle
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