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Metz Etch series is inspired by the look of raw concrete and cementitious surfaces. Effects such as aged plasters and toppings can be seen ranging from a slight etched look through to the appearance of formwork marks, imprints and residues. The variety of tones and shading offers a product that will work with a many different schemes in both warmer and cooler hues. The “Shadow” feature provides even further interest as a wall, listello or solo pieces distributed through the area.

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Etch square
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Timeless circle


Metz Timeless series is inspired by classical textured building materials such as aged bricks, shingles, and bagged render finishes. Timeless offers a unique and fashionable twist on the ever popular industrial trend, featuring porcelain tiles with a strong personality, perfect for everything from edgy contemporary décor to serene living spaces.

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Metz Sicodur tiles provide the highest slip resistant performance as the abrasive grains are incorporated throughout the body of the tile. This plus the increased thickness makes them ideal for the heaviest service duty areas such as commercial kitchens, industrial floors, external ramps etc

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Sicodur® triangle
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