Metz Affinity is a creative blend of small, subtle characteristics that seem to work with almost anything. Features that resemble tiny chips of stone could be from a ground concrete surface as much as quarried stone. Small fossil-like pieces are reminiscent of limestone, while also present is the subtle veining of other stone types. This curious blend of elements, so eclectic individually, comes together to produce a quite beautiful surface.

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Metz Naracoorte is a limestone inspired tile that showcases embedded fossils of shells and coral inherent to the natural product. Different aspects will display variations in the appearance of sedimentation and mineral content, achieving a natural look without the maintenance required for stone. Available in four shades.

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Metz Nirvana features a timber look that inspires warm, comforting emotions. Subtle interpretations of oak have been curated to work in harmony with, rather than compete against, other design elements. Nirvana is available in 5 tones and a number of surprising feature designs to suit modern and rustic décor.

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