Metz Bergamo is a unique interpretation of the Ceppo stones from the northern part of Italy. The stone material created in nature often looks like a weathered rough concrete with a tremendous variety of stones in a mix of colours shapes and sizes. Honing and filing of the stone then provides a visual feast by enhancing the variety and look of the aggregates. Modern digital production techniques enable Metz Bergamo to present this unique material with all the performance benefits of a high quality Italian porcelain tile.

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Metz Stradale provides an authentic ground concrete look. It features significant areas with the appearance of aggregates and cement rich sections which are subtly present to provide the perfect balance of interest and character, that allows other building elements to shine. A lighter and darker variant in both warm and cool hues make Stradale the ideal foundation for a stunning interior design.

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Metz Macinare draws from the traditional Venetian Terrazzo style incorporating different chips of marble, stones, cements and oxides. Metz Macinare replicates two different grain sizes a small and a medium both packed with fine details and timeless sophistication.

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