Club Jubilee One Project – Baldasso Cortese Customer Testimonial


We got together with Clara Sedky from Baldasso Cortese to look back on the Club Jubilee One project, where Metz was tasked with supplying the tiles and offering specialist advice to the architect during the specification process.

Club Jubilee One, Wyndham Vale for Lotus Living is Australia’s first exclusive residents-only aquatic leisure and gym centre for the community residents of the Jubilee Estate, and the first of its kind in Australia.

The total floor area is approximately 3,000m2 with the pool hall of the building approximately 1,750m2.

The Project cost was $16.7m and the building program was approximately 16 months opening in Feb 2020, constructed by McCorkell Constructions.

The main architectural idea was to express the structure with the feature yellow V- truss steel structure which provides a lightweight modern aesthetic and a free span over the pools. The roof structure for the pool hall is pitched upwards towards Ballan Road to accommodate the two waterslides that extends in and out of the building around the corner.

The materials and finishes chosen are robust and have a long life suitable for an aquatic environment and design incorporated best practice ESD sustainable technology.

Josip (Metz): First of all, how long have you been working with Metz?

Clara (Baldasso Cortese): 4 years

Josip (Metz): Why did you choose Metz for this project?

Clara (Baldasso Cortese): When choosing the tile company for the project we did extensive due diligence and Metz Tiles stood out for their great reputation for quality tiles, service and project experience.

Josip (Metz): Can you talk to us about what it was like working with Metz on this project?

Clara (Baldasso Cortese): Josip was fantastic throughout the project from our initial queries he brought samples, advised on the appropriate specifications , presented to the client and worked with us and the design team during documentation and construction with shop drawings to ensure the successful execution of the tiling on the project. The client was delighted with the quality and end result of the tile installation.

Josip (Metz): What were the design challenges, if any, that Metz was able to overcome, through their products and/or expertise?

Clara (Baldasso Cortese): Josip recommended the main pool concourse tile for the project that had slip resistance in two directions and offered a great selection of colours for us to design a dabbled sand and white tile effect for the concourse and mix of blues for the pools.

Josip (Metz): Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Clara (Baldasso Cortese): I will definitely be using Metz tiles again for future projects and would happily recommend Josip from Metz Tiles to others as his knowledge on the technical specifications for the tiles was impressive and he always went above and beyond in his customer service and commitment on the project. Thanks Josip we are grateful to have you on our team!