Australian Bushfire Crisis

Like many Australian companies Metz has made a donation after seeing the harrowing images from the fires of summer 2019/20. In our case it was to the Red Cross Appeal.

We are a mid-sized company with limited resources but yet we wanted to do more to support communities devastated by the fires, especially to assist the rebuild of local government and other community facilities as these are the organisations that have been key to our success in the supply of ceramic tiles over many years.

So Metz is offering, free of charge, quality European tiles to locally funded community facilities damaged by the fires. To be absolutely clear, the tiles we are offering free are from those ranges we would ideally like to move on – so end of lines, lines that have for some reason not been so popular – it is not everything in our warehouse. We wish we could offer everything for free to these communities but we cannot. Unfortunately we cannot help individual home owners as to try would be over-promising – there are simply too many Australian homes affected.

We genuinely wish to reach out and help some communities rebuild with products they need.

If your rebuild project could use some tiles from Metz please contact us either by phone 1300 730 062 or email We would love to help.

Ian & Stuart Ellis
Owners, Metz Specialty Materials Pty Ltd