Suez Canal Issue – 6 April, 2021

Unlike the vast majority of tile importers in Australia Metz only import ceramic tiles from Europe – predominantly from Italy and Germany.

All our supplier factories are continuing production as normal, with now well established Covid protocols in place.

The blockage of the Suez Canal has now been cleared and so the direct delay caused will impact only a handful of Metz orders currently in transit.

The general disruption to world shipping caused by Covid-19 does remain, so in general shipments from most destinations are taking slightly longer than pre-Covid. Our advice to client remains to allow shipping to take 1-2 weeks longer than usual for the foreseeable future.  

Metz has extensive quality European tile stocks already in Australia. We are well stocked for specialty slip resistant and architectural tiles, however if you have potential projects it would be prudent to talk to your local Metz representative as soon as possible to secure stocks.

Thanks again to all for your ongoing support of Metz over what continues to be trying times.

Ian & Stuart Ellis
Owners, Metz Specialty Materials Pty Ltd