Kitchen Floors

Kitchen Floors

Kitchen Floors provide the most demanding of workplace environments.  Metz has undoubtedly supplied many more commercial kitchen floor tiles than any other company in Australia. There are thousands of commercial kitchens with tiles supplied or supplied and installed by Metz.

Kitchen staff are frequently:

  • Extremely busy at peak times
  • Using Hot, Heavy and Sharp objects
  • Working in relatively small, crowded areas
  • Working on flooring subject to spillages of either oily liquids or slippery solids.

Because of this environment, the ideal kitchen floor tile has certain significant characteristics.

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Slip Resistance

Slip resistance is achieved by surface profile or surface texture, or a combination of both.

Metz experience based on our client’s advice is that flat surfaces incorporating a gritty texture perform the best for slip resistance in commercial kitchens.

Surface profile can be achieved by either raised protuberances or depressions on the surface (slate finish). Metz do not recommend profiled tiles for commercial kitchens  depressed surface “slate type” finishes as these tend to capture dirt and surfaces with raised profiles can perform poorly with wear.

The original handbook HB197 (1999) recommended profiled surfaces with a displacement volume (V 4) for some kitchens and other commercial applications. The recent HB 198 (2014)  has clarified that using a more slip resistant tile instead of a lower slip resistance with profile is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

This supports Metz experience and recommendations and those of the majority of our specifiers and clients who have always use textured R13 tiles for their commercial kitchen applications


Kitchen tiles should be thick – heavy items dropped on a thin tile may break the tile. Twice the thickness typically equals four times the strength. Thinner tiles must be fully bedded with no voids under the tile…or they will definitely break upon impact.

During installation, working a tile (pushing it down) into the bedding forces the adhesive to rise up the joint space. Using for example a 6mm thin tile will leave only a mm or two for epoxy grout to protect the adhesive from chemical attack. Metz recommend a minimum 12mm thick tile be used for commercial kitchens. Metz can offer 15mm and 20mm thick tiles also, tile is twice as thick but epoxy grout likely to be 3 to 4 times as thick.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance is another critical requirement for a kitchen floor system, food residues can be extremely corrosive. Just ask any dentist! Chicken fats, certain oils and other products can have an adverse affect on even some epoxy grouts.  Metz only installs high performance chemical resistant epoxy grouts. Correct installation is just as important…once attack commences more and more residues are trapped in the weak spot accelerating the rate of corrosion.

Fixing Materials

Epoxy Grouts

Basic Metz 19 – basic epoxy grout for food areas with minimal frying,  – sandwich bars, cafes, bars,

Superior Metz 70 – superior epoxy grout for kitchens including significant amounts of fried foods,  – QSR’s     bakeries, retail meat & fish.

Premium Metz 5NF – premium chemical resistance epoxy grout  – suitable for exposure to heavy oils contamination, chicken fat etc


Regular Metz HSA CTES1  adhesive in 20kg bags

Premium Metz 27 C2TES2  2 part super high strength flexible adhesive in 20kg bags and 20kg pails.

Movement Joints

Metz 20B: 2 part caulk-in polyurethane joint filling compound

Metz 20D /SS: Pre-formed reinforced movement joint for wheeled traffic


All Metz commercial kitchen floor tiles come with corresponding coves, with a minimum radius of 25mm.  Most have internal and external pillars to create a neat junction of floors and walls.

Metz Sicodur®

Sicodur® are high quality European pressed tiles, which provide the ultimate in long term slip resistance.

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